Samstag, 3. Mai 2014

a note to my followers and everyone else

Hey guys,
it's incredible how much feedback I got for my last post (okay it's not really much but for me it is hah), and I love you all, really, thanks for the support and thank you so much for the 1k on lookbook, this feels so unrealistic, gosh. Whenever you find something you want me to write about or something you do/do not like on my blog please, please, please let me know, so that I can try getting better and better in what I'm doing.
Improving oneself is an important process, and because I'm not professional in what I do, improvement is the best thing that can happen to me.
Sitting here with my laptop in my lap, on the floor of my room I'm trying to find the right words for this post.
How does my english sound? Is it so bad that you don't like reading what I write but only look at the pictures? Or is there any word I use too often?
I'm not that kind of blogger who lives for her blog, who always thinks about blogging and who tries hard to get new collaboration offers and stuff. (Don't get this wrong - I love collaborations, I really do and because it's ironic right now: just message me for collaboration offers - oops shesh). But back to the topic.
I'm more the "oh I have new pictures let's blog them" kind of blogger.
You can't expect a professional and well planned blog from my site, I just post the pictures which look good in my opinion and share these parts of my style with you, which I like the most.
I know that I'm no professional fashion-blogger and that's not what I call myself.
I'm just a teenage girl who likes to share her style with the world.


please take part in my poll! writing everything in german AND english is really exhausting and if all of my followers do speak english it would be much easier to write everything in english.
But it's your turn to decide now! You find the poll under my header on the right side!

I'm sorry for this "only writing" post, but a picture post will follow veeeeeeeeeeeery soon hihi


  1. please, more pictures! hahahah
    congrats for your fans on lookbook, you deserve it!
    I would prefer your blog in english, because I don't understand german (for the moment! I'm learning it by myself when I have time) but you can choose which language to write, it's your blog! Just choose the language that is more easy for you to write (:

    1. thank you :) I think I'll write it in german and english, it takes me a little longer but then everyone of you understands what I want to tell you!