Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2014


Für alle rock'n'roller unter euch, hab da was für euch.
Die Jungs von SO FAR FROM HOME machen superfreshen Alternative Rock, schaut mal rein:
CAN'T ESCAPE YOUR FAITH by so far from home.

Ok das war jetzt ein bisschen viel Werbung aber der Typ an der Gitarre ist mein bester Freund und so hah. Egal, schaut einfach mal rein, Talent fehlt denen auf jeden Fall sicher nicht.
Ich lieb auch das T-Shirt sehr muss ich sagen, vor allem die Farbe. Die Shorts sind von nem Markt in Thailand und die Schuhe von asos.
Das ganze Outfit ist ziemlich einfach und so aber ich liebs weils sooo gemütlich ist und irgendwie schon sehr rockt, oder?

hihi ich wünsch euch schöne Ferien,

For all of the rock'n'rollers of you guys, I've got something fresh.
The young austrian Band SO FAR FROM HOME takes alternative rock seriously.
Here you go for awesome riffs: CAN'T ESCAPE YOUR FAITH by so far from home

Okay that was a little much advertising but the boy on the guitar is my best friend so. Give them a chance they're really talented.
I also really love their merch, the colour of the top is awesome don't you think so?
The shorts are from a market in thailand and the boots from asos.
The look is so simple but it's comfy and I love it.

Have a nice summer break!

t-shirt - SO FAR FROM HOME (if you want one, tell me and I'll get one for you!)
shorts - thailand
boots - ASOS
overknees - H&M
watch - CASIO

Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014

summer vibes. - indie/festival #1

summer vibes!

hey ihr süßen, endlich endlich endlich ist der Sommer auf dem Weg zu uns und man stirbt nicht mehr halb wenn man ohne Pulli draußen ist. Das Licht kitzelt unsere Nasen und irgendwie auch unsere Herzen finde ich. Ich hab mich dazu entschlossen eine kleine Indie/Festival Look - Serie zu machen, mit Anregungen für euch für den Sommer. Das ist der erste Teil, wenn ihr etwas besonderes sehen wollt, kommentiert einfach mit Anregungen, ich geh gerne darauf ein!
So. Hier ein paar Bilder von Pia, die auch die aus dem letzten Post gemacht hat. 
Leider gibts aus dieser Serie nur Fotos mit dem süßen kleinen Gartenstuhl, mein Outfit kann man gar nicht erkennen, aber das ist auch nicht wichtig. Ich trage unter dem Cardigan ein ganz normales weinrotes Trägershirt und eine normale Highwaist Jeansshorts. 
In die Sonnenbrille hab ich mich verliebt, leider gehört sie nicht mir sondern Pias Papa hmpf. 
Pias Hund mochte mich irgendwie, oder er mochte die Kamera, kleine Diva tsss. Er wollte einfach nicht aus dem Bild, also haben wir ihn einfach an meiner Seite modeln lassen. 

Schönes Wochenende euch! (Ist ja nicht mehr lange)

hey sweeties!
Finally summer is arriving in austria and you're not almost dying anymore, if you go outside without a sweatshirt on. The light tickles our noses, aswell as our hearts.
I decided to do a little series with the topic indie/festival outfits to give you some suggestions for summer. If you want to see something special, just write it in the comments!
These pictures are made by Pia, who took the pictures from my last post too. 
Unfortunately there are only pictures with this sweet garden chair and you can't see my outfit, but it's unimportant anyway. I'm just wearing a burgundy basic top and high waisted jeans shorts with my cardigan. 
I fell in love with the sunglasses but they're not mine meh.
Pia's dog liked me in some way, or maybe he liked the camera, little diva hah, he didn't want to leave the picture so we just let him model by my side. 

Have a nice weekend!

cardigan - H&M
basic top - H&M
shorts - WRANGLER (diy)
shoes - VANS 
sunglasses - VINTAGE

hat - ? (uh I forgot the hat, I borrowed it from Pia!)

Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2014

don't grow up, it's a trap!

hey ihr, 
es tut mir soooo leid dass die qualität diesmal so schlecht ist, aber irgendetwas stimmt mit der auflösung der Bilder nicht, ich hoffe es ist nicht all zu schlimm. 
Das crop top ist wieder von NYCT-clothing und ich liebs! Vor allem der Spruch hat es mir angetan hihi, erwachsen werden ist irgendwie nichts für mich.
Die Jeans ist eine alte von meiner Mama, die ich selbst abgeschnitten hab und die Uhr hab ich zum Geburtstag bekommen.

Die Fotos gemacht hat die super coole Pia, in ihrem Garten und ich sags euch so einen Garten habt ihr noch nie im Leben gesehen, wie im Märchen!
 (schaut mal auf Pias Seite vorbei! -> HIER ein groooßes danke nochmal an dich und auch an Denise für das Make-up!)

Hey guys,
I'm so sorry for the bad quality of the photos I don't know how this happened but there somehow is a problem with the picture resolution.
The crop-top is from NYCT Clothing again and I love it so much, especially the quote on it, growing up sucks, I want to stay a teenager forever (that's stupid nah).
The jeans are self cut, it's an old pair from my mum and the watch is a birthday present.
The photos were taken by the wonderful Pia in her garden, and I swear, you've never seen such a garden in your life, it feels like a fairy-tale. (check out Pia's facebook page -> HERE , a huge thanks to you and also to Denise for the make-up!)

top - NYCT Clothing -> get it HERE
shorts - WRANGLER (diy)
shoes - VANS
watch - CASIO

Samstag, 3. Mai 2014

a note to my followers and everyone else

Hey guys,
it's incredible how much feedback I got for my last post (okay it's not really much but for me it is hah), and I love you all, really, thanks for the support and thank you so much for the 1k on lookbook, this feels so unrealistic, gosh. Whenever you find something you want me to write about or something you do/do not like on my blog please, please, please let me know, so that I can try getting better and better in what I'm doing.
Improving oneself is an important process, and because I'm not professional in what I do, improvement is the best thing that can happen to me.
Sitting here with my laptop in my lap, on the floor of my room I'm trying to find the right words for this post.
How does my english sound? Is it so bad that you don't like reading what I write but only look at the pictures? Or is there any word I use too often?
I'm not that kind of blogger who lives for her blog, who always thinks about blogging and who tries hard to get new collaboration offers and stuff. (Don't get this wrong - I love collaborations, I really do and because it's ironic right now: just message me for collaboration offers - oops shesh). But back to the topic.
I'm more the "oh I have new pictures let's blog them" kind of blogger.
You can't expect a professional and well planned blog from my site, I just post the pictures which look good in my opinion and share these parts of my style with you, which I like the most.
I know that I'm no professional fashion-blogger and that's not what I call myself.
I'm just a teenage girl who likes to share her style with the world.


please take part in my poll! writing everything in german AND english is really exhausting and if all of my followers do speak english it would be much easier to write everything in english.
But it's your turn to decide now! You find the poll under my header on the right side!

I'm sorry for this "only writing" post, but a picture post will follow veeeeeeeeeeeery soon hihi

Montag, 28. April 2014

'til death baby

Aye guys, today it's me again in black with some denim. I'm addicted to black as you can see, hah. 
This lovely top is from NYCT Clothing you can get it -> HERE
They have so many lovely crop tops ( did I already tell you that I'm addicted to crop tops as well?), and I wish I could have every single one nahw. 
Other posts with crop tops will follow hihi. 
So now to the rest of the look, I'm wearing the top with a pair of black shorts which look more like a skirt and if my legs would have the size of real legs it wouldn't just look more like a skirt but look like a real skirt (illusion time - confusion time, I'm sorry guys) 
whatever. These shorts are from ASOS aswell are my boots, I think if you follow my blog you should know them. Aaaaaand I proudly introduce you my new second hand denim jacket. (it'ssuperamazingcool)
The bag is so lovely too and I'm so happy that I found it in the mess of my room again after a year (ehehehe oops.)
I took these pictures with my friend Alina from Spirit of a Daydream, a supercute lady, have a look at her Blog! -> HERE 

by the way from this post on I try to make the pictures a little bigger, just tell me if you want them smaller again or if I should keep going like this.

(I'm a little excited about my life today, sorry, bye)

shorts - ASOS
tights - H&M 
boots - ASOS
watch (I forgot to mention the watch oopsie) - CASIO
bag - PICARD
jacket - VINTAGE

Freitag, 4. April 2014

perfectly charming

 Guys this is a very important moment because I just received the most beautiful t-shirt I've ever had.
The OSCAR WILDE print shirt from THE ORPHAN'S ARMS. 
Oh my god the print is so lovely I just can't. Nahhrr.
And  I tried skating for the first time that's because it looks so unreal and I succeded because I never touched the floor with my knees and there was no blood and yeh. I'm just great. 
a very excited Anna




cute nah,

cardigan - H&M
t-shirt - THE ORPHAN'S ARMS -> get it HERE

Donnerstag, 27. März 2014

you caught me completely

Hey ihr! 
Eeendlich haben wir Frühling, warme, sonnige Nachmittag und überall riecht es nach Blumen, die Kirschbäume blühen und wir können unsere Winterjacken wegpacken. Aber da sind ja noch immer die kühlen Abende und kalten Morgen, wenn man sich einfach nur wünscht sich so richtig in eine dicke Jacke oder einen Pulli kuscheln zu können. Nur wird das ja dann wieder viel zu warm im Laufe des Tages... Problem neh. Ich lieeebe den Lagen-Look und finde den auch super praktisch. Auf den Bildern hab ich ein einfaches schwarzes Outfit, dass gut als Sommerlook durchgeht, mit einem Flanellhemd, einem schwarzen Zipper-Pulli und meiner neuen Jeansjacke frühlingstauglich gemacht. Perfekt für kalte Morgen und sobald es wärmer wird kann man ja etwas ausziehen. Oder gleich alles? Scheeeerz, ich hoffe euch gefällt der Post, hinterlasst mal einen Kommentar!

(Am letzten Bild seht ihr wie das ganze ohne dem Hemd aussieht!)


Hey guys! 
Finally, spring arrived! Warm, sunny afternoons and the smell of flowers in the air, cherry blossom and packing away winter jackets. But there are also those chilly evenings and cold mornings were you wish you could snuggle into a comfy coat or wool pullover. I'm a big fan of the layers-look, and so I combined a simple black outfit with a plaid shirt (menswear), a black sweater and my new lovely denim jacket (menswear). The perfect outfit for cold mornings aswell as for sunny days in the park, just get out of the sweater or the jacket or everything... I'm kidding, I hope you enjoyed this post, leave me a comment kiddies!

(In the last picture you can see the whole look without the shirt.)


denim jacket - ASOS

plaid shirt - H&M
black sweat - H&M
black basic top - ?
high waist culotte shorts - ASOS
sneakers - FILA
backpack - EDDIE BAUER