Montag, 2. März 2015

seventeen and insane

I proudly present: my friends. 
this time some eyecandy loool 

so much stuff has happened lately and I think my posts will be a little different in the future. I just feel like I am not being myself writing like a sophisticated fashion blogger girl because that's not what I am. I am a weird child in the body of an elf girl with a mind full of weird humor and yes I am weird weird weird but that's okay because some people actually like me though. 

this is my Julius and I say my because he is mine and I love him very much.
ok now you get everything wrong but I don't care.
I still have no boyfriend let's say it that way. oh and yeps he is a wannabefamousfashionblogger like me, give him a follow (HERE) because I told you to do that. AND because he is amazing.

 actually I don't know what I am doing in this picture I just found that it presents my outfit very well.
the shirt is from an Austrian brand called JESUS CRYSD (when I wrote this I automatically whispered it in a dramatic voice don't judge me okay). I love their stuff, it's a casual and cool streetwear kind of style - shop HERE

oh and I bet now you are literally craaaving to know who this is:

say hi to Lukas, the new James Dean

oh yes and this lil picture of misery is me.
I was happy at that time I just try to look like a model or stuff.

so that's it again, I would be so happy if you could maybe share a link of this post or my blog in general on some networks or stuff because I'm not really good at gaining audience or how do you call that in english. I would LOOOOOVE YOU! 

Oh and yes. I decided to write in english. I don't know it's really exhausting two type everything in two languages and I don't trust translate software I mean they wouldn't even understand my weird slang. 

Pleaaaaase comment me if you like this new style of posting or if it annoys you (I would understand yep) and if you find it okay if I only post in english even if my english is not thaaat good and I am sorry if there are some mistakes from time to time... 

so enough of this here you are my outfit, I will keep doing this because I find it helpful maybe you find that too oh gosh why am I so insecure. 

jeans - ONLY 
denim jacket - thrifted
shoes - DR. MARTENS
watch - CASIO

if you want to know what the boys are wearing and wherer their stuff is from, just ask I will find that out for you :) 

loaaaads of love